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 “There is enough wisdom in Dr. Kathryn Jefferies’ book to change our world ... a world that has forgotten the distinction between knowledge and wisdom, and which, as a consequence, is seriously imperiled. Awake is a wakeup call to the potency and primacy of consciousness. This is not a book to be contemplated at leisure, but with a profound sense of urgency, because time is not on our side. Written with grace, style and passion, Awake belongs on the top of your stack. Highly recommended.”

Larry Dossey, MD, Best-selling author of twelve books, including One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

Letting in the Light

Supporting people to end their suffering & to thrive


Are you struggling with life? Do you have a lot of fear, anxiety or live in constant overwhelm? Do you feel like it's all too much and just want someone to fix it, fix you, or make it go away? Or perhaps your child is the one struggling I understand this. And I have learned to experience the profound truth of the saying that what's IN the way truly IS the way. In other words, life really does happen for us. It's all in service of our awakening. "Where you stumble, there lies your treasure." Where you think you're broken and not good enough is just a mis-seeing on your part. You can learn to correct this. And when you do, you unwrap the gift of your beautiful self, of who you truly are. And life becomes a playground. The good news is that your suffering and your confusion has brought you to this place. And you needed to get here. This was the purpose of all of this ... so that you'd be open. If you feel you've tried everything to feel better and to get some answers and nothing is working, then I invite you to this work ... to The Work.

Most of us need to learn to let in the light in one way or another.


Whether it's to shed light on a problem we are struggling with, lightening our load of troublesome thoughts or being able to be light-hearted, ultimately this light all comes from the same source ...


... the light of universal intelligence, what we ourselves are.

~ Byron Katie

“You move totally away from reality when you believe that there is a legitimate reason to suffer.”

“Byron Katie has rocked my world and shaken loose my mind more thoroughly than any other spiritual teacher I’ve ever encountered, living or dead.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic

 "Byron Katie’s Work is a great blessing for our planet. It acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being."

Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth and The Power of Now

"Byron Katie's The Work is the single most powerful

psychological and spiritual tool

I've ever encountered."


Martha Beck, Oprah's Life Coach, bestselling author, founder Wayfinder Life Coach Training

This is the Work I do and I would love to support you and/or your child in this practice.

It's powerful, effective, and it doesn't mess around.

If you really want things to change, then this is the way.


In my sessions with Kathryn, I was able to deeply experience — for myself — exactly where and how I was in a habitual pattern of resistance to mental and emotional experiences that were arising. With her deep insight and support, I was able to directly experience the blissful release that comes with letting the grip of thinking let go of me. It was truly liberating on a profound level – and has allowed me to discover an uninhibited, natural confidence to move forward in this life in a much freer and more truthful way. I am deeply grateful for Kathryn’s support, wisdom and incredible capacity to hold a space where the truth beyond thinking can be clearly recognized.”     Laura Shaw, Counselor

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Something I think people can sense when they work with you is the level and depth of your compassion. And that you really understand suffering in such a deep and vast way and that is not something to be understated or undervalued. You have such a keen razor sharp insight into the mind that can go in and really get clear on someone’s psychology and what it is that they’re perceiving and thinking and how that is impacting their experience.  You create a safe, open, unbiased, non-judgemental space. Your relationship with suffering and what it means to suffer and then how you can relate to people as a result of that is huge. The authentic nature of you: people feel your authenticity. It just radiates from you. You're present, you're there, you're open, you're deep, you're real. You're one of the real ones. You have been in the trenches of life so all of this is coming from such a depth of understanding and experience. Amy Jefferies., Intuitive Guide (& my awesome sister!)

Unlearning & Awakening


Most of us are living with a skewed view of reality; we're living through a veil of beliefs about ourselves, others and life. And because of the way the ego-mind works in trying to protect us, these beliefs are always stressful. This is the cause of all confusion & suffering. In other words, it is not who we or others are or how our lives are that can ever be the problem, it is only what we think about all of this that causes our pain. This is good news. It means we can do something about it. The Work of Byron Katie is a form of self-inquiry where we use simple questions to take us beyond the mind. If you're like me, and you've tried to meditate without success, this distinct process easily supports the mind to still by engaging the intellect, allowing the vast, intuitive wisdom of your transcendent mind to step forward.  Everything you need or could ever want is found here.

“An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering.”
― Byron Katie

Find out more about The Work on Katie's site here

Katie & my daughter, Bella, at the No Body Intensive, Chicago, 2018.


My Story

The Buddha famously said that all life is suffering. It seems to be the one thing we all share and that we can't get around. As a human culture, we have become adept at clinging from thing to thing (relationships, praise, food, alcohol, money ...) as a means of finally coming into security, love, peace, and a general sense of "everything is okay." The only problem is, it doesn't work. We are still trapped in a world where there is right & wrong, good & bad, and we desperately try to get it right all the while living in a projected future based on an imagined past. All of it stressful. I know this pattern as well as anyone, having lived it myself. Eventually, the world I was living in (that I came to understand was a projection of my beliefs about the nature of life) felt like too much. I really didn't feel like I could handle it. Maybe you can relate. My desire for peace in my life and freedom from my suffering became strong enough that by a stroke of grace I found The Work of Byron Katie (or truer, it found me). Upon first experiencing The Work and the profound power of self-inquiry, I knew I'd finally found what could help me. At that point, my seeking came to an end and finding began. It was the beginning of truly understanding myself, and, seeing that indeed I could trust myself wholly. This changed everything. While I still can experience difficult emotions or get confused about the reality of a given situation, I know now why this is happening and, more importantly, how to move through it to clear awareness. Even more so, I know how to let these situations deepen my awareness and transform me. I understand that everything that arises in my life is here to teach me, to show me ... to lighten the path to what is true. I couldn't see it without inquiry. Life is so much more manageable -- and magical -- with self-inquiry. I can truly say this Work is life-changing and it would be my great joy to share it with you.

If you're want to have consistent, focused 1-on-1 time, take a look at my mentoring programs.

If you want to try out self-inquiry first, use code LIGHT for $50 off a single session

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Linda G

I came to your workshop expecting to learn some things I didn't already know but I did not expect the transformational experience that happened. It really helped me. I feel different after; I left feeling so happy, free, and light.

I was able to see that I have been living with the belief that my mom doesn't love me for my whole life and have seen everything through that lens. I can see how my life experience is completely different not believing that ... seeing the reality.

I also believed I should have fought harder to be a dancer but see now that's not true. I did fight hard and it didn't work.

Thank you ... thank you so much.

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