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Back to School Workshop for Parents:
Supporting your Child's Mental-Emotional Health

Date: Thursday September 14th on Zoom (2nd workshop)

Time: 1-2pm (I'm packing a lot into this hour to keep you on Zoom as little as possible!)

Cost: $33 Cdn                        or by e-transfer to

Length: 1 hour + Q&A (it will be recorded for those who cannot attend live)

Parents, learn the most important ways you can support your child's (children's) mental-emotional health so they can thrive (and then so can you)!

You will leave this workshop with:

  • a clear understanding of the thought/belief - emotion equation

  • a practical tool to use to:

1) support you to support your child by getting at the root of the problem(s)

2) give you clarity on what's yours and what is your child's

  • an example of the tool in action

  • suggestions for reading & how to continue your learning to be the best parent you can be

School can be a big stressor for many kids and it's no wonder ... There's a lot to contend with: social / friend dynamics, and teacher personalities (and moods!), not to mention education itself -- the assignments, tests and grades. 

It's a lot.


It can be very overwhelming, especially for the HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) -- I am one of these and so is my child!

And as parents, when our kids are stressed or struggling, sometimes we don't know how best to support them. So their stress becomes our stress ... Weekday mornings can sometimes become like bombs going off ... kid(s) crying, we're trying to get to work, we feel both exasperated with our kids but also upset that they're upset and end up feeling terrible about how we've handled it.

My PhD dissertation focused on mental-emotional health in education -- I even wrote a book on it (click the Awake book icon above)! Since then I have designed and taught courses for teachers-to-be at the university level.


There is nothing I am more passionate about than supporting child and youth mental health.


In fact, I lobbied for getting the mental health courses onto the Bachelor of Education curriculum in 2016 because I knew how important this information was for teachers to have (and thankfully, my proposal was successful).

So I'd like to bring a distillation of this information now to parents because I know a powerful tool that is such a game-changer for helping us understand the mind and emotions. 

One hour isn't very long, but it's long enough for me to give you a solid introduction and overview of:

  • how the mind creates our emotions

  • what to do with stressful thoughts (& emotions) since there's no "off switch" for our thinking

  • what the most powerful thing you can do as a parent is

  • what you might be doing as a parent that is making things worse that you'll want to avoid

I'd love to support you to support your kids (which in turn supports you!) so I hope you'll join me!

with love,


Coffee on Desk

Working with Kathryn has been the most insightful and transformative experience for our family. As parents trying to support our son’s mental and emotional health, we felt like we were in a never ending cycle of worry, stress, turmoil, helplessness and exhaustion. Our experience of The Work, as facilitated by Kathryn has been profound. Her deep compassion and insight into the mind has been enormously helpful and has created a shift in all of us.

Having Kathryn guide us through self-inquiry has allowed us to question and move through our non-stop loop of distressing thoughts and beliefs. (These include thoughts about our role as parents, our worries about our son, our fear of his ability to cope with the future and on and on …)! We now all feel like we have so much more awareness, clarity and above all, more peace.

Nothing has brought more help and significant change to our family than Kathryn’s insights, kind energy, authentic nature and knowledge of The Work. As she has helped us see time and again “our children are here to teach us … and they are not changing until we do”.


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