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Hi New Friends,

There is a lot to read on my site. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, and yet there still seems to be a fair bit.


I wanted to give you as clear a picture as I could of who I am, including what my orientation to life is/my philosophy & values, along with my experiences, both painful & profound. 

I also wanted to try to paint a clear picture of what self-inquiry is and what it can do for you. I want you to be able to discern if this work -- and I -- are a fit for you and what you are looking for at this time.

So this letter to you is an attempt to condense it all down in case, like me, you get overwhelmed easily. 


When people come to me it's because they are suffering from their life situation. Often they've tried other modalities like therapy of one kind or another and still feel no different: the way they experience life and themselves hasn't changed. By the time they find me, they are usually at the point where they feel they have suffered enough and are open to going deeply because they want to feel better.

Our work together brings clarity to their lives so they get unstuck and thrive, able to be the person they want to be & live the life they want to live. I often think of it as finding our freedom (one of my favourite words).

Along the way, people realize the profound truth about who they are and what life is. This is often called "self-realization." We realize who we are beyond the mind chatter. This is what a transformation of consciousness is, or, expanding of awareness, if you have heard these terms and wondered what they actually mean. 

We use a profound type of meditative self-inquiry that allows you to tap into your innate wisdom and see what you’re not seeing. It’s called The Work of Byron Katie (also called Inquiry Based Stress Reduction or IBSR) of which I am a Certified Facilitator.

It's a taking away of who we are not ... and seeing what is left. 


Through holding their concepts up to the light, my clients naturally undergo a deepening transformation and find themselves more grounded, peaceful, and loving—of both themselves and others—with a clear vision of any action they wish to take, and the willingness and ability to take it.



My in-depth programs of one month and three months are for those who are really ready to transform their lives. The one month is intensive as we meet twice per week. The three months is a more gradual deepening as we meet once a week for this lovely long stretch.

I also offer single session of one hour and one & a half hours for people who either want to work through one single situation or want to try our work together before they commit to an in-depth program.

I also occasionally give in-person and online retreats of 1-7 days, and 5-week courses.

There may be more offerings to come. (Feel free to request what you would like to see ...


It’s my life’s work and life’s joy to facilitate people in self-inquiry. For me, it was the missing piece of the puzzle when I found it in 2009. I was lucky enough to be in the audience of the one weekend workshop Byron Katie gave in Toronto.


I had read and researched J. Krishnamurti’s work deeply on the nature of the conditioned mind—(my PhD dissertation is called Ontological Intelligence: Consciousness, Mind, and Inquiry in Education, now turned into a book called Awake: Education for Enlightenment available from Amazon)—but when I experienced self-inquiry, I moved from my an intellectual-conceptual understanding of what K and other spiritual masters were talking about to an experiential understanding.


With that, everything changed. It was what I had been looking for all my life.


I was certified by Byron Katie as a facilitator in January 2015. I now introduce and facilitate The Work full time, concentrating on relationships and parenting in particular. I’ve long cherished children and a desire to support them.


I had the privilege of teaching university students for many years, where I designed several different courses including ones on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Mental Health, Right-Brain Learning & Intuition, and I included self-inquiry as part of these.


I am blessed to have the amazing Bella for a best friend who also happens to be my daughter. She’s now 19 years old and I raised her with self-inquiry, which she has used for self-support to great effect in her life. She is going her own way, confident in not following societal norms, and is currently working with a producer on her first singer-songwriter album. She inspires me daily.


Bella came into this world with significant health challenges where I regularly felt like I was face-to-face with her potential death, which left me in a state of PTSD.  I became a single parent when she was 12 months old, lived for years in fear of her father’s domineering nature and of conflict, and dealt with my own lack of self-confidence.


So, I have a particular soft spot for facilitating people in these stressful areas (partners/ex-partners, self-relationship/confidence, parenting, including supporting parents to support their children who go through traumatising or otherwise difficult experiences).


Some of the effects of The Work in my life:


  • I notice now that I am a much less reactive person. Small frustrations roll off me now.

  • I have more of a capacity for deep connection with myself and others.

  • I am less attached to aspects of my identity that have kept me playing small.

  • My awareness has expanded considerably; I am able to see the big picture quite easily. 

(An example of this is in looking back at my 50 years of life and seeing how the experiences I had were necessary puzzle pieces to give me the depth of understanding of myself, life, and others that I now enjoy.)

This work supports you to experience the fullest expression of yourself while simultaneously transforming your relationships and I invite you to that.

I would love to walk alongside you as you take this journey to experience the light that you are and everything that's possible for your beautiful life.

With love & blessings,


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