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Parent Weekly Drop-In
Tuesdays 7-8pm & Thursdays 1-2pm | Toronto/New York time 
 By donation (yep, even 5 cents!) 
It can be as little as you like, just register for the Tuesday Zoom 
here and the Thursday Zoom here.

If you do want to donate at the end of the session, just click the smiley face ... thank you!

What to Expect
If you'd like to get some further insight into your child then just drop in any week you like -- you don't have to participate either, you can just observe & listen and you can leave the Zoom call whenever you need to.

Whatever works for you. 

These are some things we can uncover:

  • notice how the conflict you have with your child is the same one over and over and why that is

  • understand what triggers you in your child and how you can use it to take yourself deeper into self-understanding

  • find ways to support your child's mental-emotional health

  • learn how to transcend the role of parent to connect with your child in a deeper way

  • discover the deeper meaning behind the parent-child relationship

I'm passsionate about supporting you and your children to thrive.


We all have gifts to offer and I believe mine are here, helping you and your children to move through any suffering or conflict to a place of greater peace and understanding in your relationship with them and within you.

When we understand that our children are here to push our buttons and to stir up our fear about their wellbeing in service to our own awakening
... that is, move past our limiting beliefs to encounter life as it really is (hint: it's perfect & beautiful) ... then we are home free.



We parents are each still the children that we were in a very real way: the ideas about life and ourselves that we adopted at a young age remain with us, colouring our world completely. These concepts decide who we think we are, what we are capable of, and what is possible in life.


In short, they determine our entire lives. 


And let me ask you this: do you think that what you concluded at 2 years old, at 3, 4, and 5, was accurate? Or, do you think they were just decisions that you made? 


In other words, are they not actually true but you're living as if they are?

What this means is that as allow the triggers, annoyances, and fears surrounding our children VOICE ... we are allowing our own inner child to speak. They hold on to these beliefs tightly and so we can see them plainly when we stop to look


... and then, we can question them.

Let your child take you further into your self-understanding which in turn supports them:

  1. in their self-understanding

  2. in their ability to feel strong and safe within themselves

  3. to experience life as a place to express their unique selves

  4. to blossom into the greatest version of themselves & realize their hearts' desires

  5. and most importantly, love themselves whole-heartedly.


Coffee on Desk

Working with Kathryn has been the most insightful and transformative experience for our family. As parents trying to support our son’s mental and emotional health, we felt like we were in a never ending cycle of worry, stress, turmoil, helplessness and exhaustion. Our experience of The Work, as facilitated by Kathryn has been profound. Her deep compassion and insight into the mind has been enormously helpful and has created a shift in all of us.

Having Kathryn guide us through self-inquiry has allowed us to question and move through our non-stop loop of distressing thoughts and beliefs. (These include thoughts about our role as parents, our worries about our son, our fear of his ability to cope with the future and on and on …)! We now all feel like we have so much more awareness, clarity and above all, more peace.

Nothing has brought more help and significant change to our family than Kathryn’s insights, kind energy, authentic nature and knowledge of The Work. As she has helped us see time and again “our children are here to teach us … and they are not changing until we do”.


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