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The Intersection between the Law of Attraction and The Work of Byron Katie

So, I'm assuming you've probably heard of the Law of Attraction. (If not, read on!)

Maybe you fall into the camp of people who love it and have used it to transform your life.

Or maybe you're in the camp of, "This is ridiculous. Part of the off-the-deep-end quasi-physics-spirituality that I want nothing to do with."

If you fall into the former, you might have already figured out what I'm about to share.

If you fall into the, "Please, spare me," camp, you might stop reading here if you haven't already. I get that. I've been an academic my whole adult life ... I've got a skeptical mind that could probably rival your skeptical mind. So, read on. I dare you. ;)

Or you might fall into a third camp: the, "I have heard of the Law of Attraction and I think it's probably legit but I have no idea how to apply it in my life." Well, you're in luck. This post is especially for you.

I can't remember when I first heard about this apparent law of the universe but it was a long time ago. I was curious ... was this a real thing?

I have a curious, if skeptical mind. So, I like to explore and then judge a tree by its fruits. I don't like ruling anything out until I've looked for myself. And I love to learn. So, this combination leads me into some interesting areas of knowledge!

Like metaphysics and the mystical ...

As I recall, I stumbled pretty quickly onto Abraham-Hicks as main purveyors of the Law of Attraction (google them if you'd like to know more) and I found that what they were saying was actually resonating as true with me. [Side note #1: if you don't know how to tune into/determine what is resonant with you, then you've come to the right place. My work is all about that...]

The basic tenet of the Law of Attraction is: that which is like, unto itself is drawn. Or, like attracts like. It's really about understanding why our lives are the way they are by understanding that there are laws that govern if things show up. Or if they don't.

The Law of Attraction is said to be the most powerful of all these laws.

In other words, what happens in each of our lives ... if we meet the soulmate, if we love our job, if we get the money, the happiness ... isn't dumb luck and it isn't about working hard and savvy. Rather, the Universe is a living thing, responding to our state of consciousness ... to our thoughts and beliefs.

This is why it is said (you may have heard it) that you are co-creating, or, "you are the creator of your reality" -- an oft-repeated Abraham phrase. Sort of a You get back what you put out although it's more nuanced than that.

If I feel unappreciated because of circumstances that have recently occurred in my experience, the Law of Attraction cannot now surround me with people who appreciate me. That would defy the Law of Attraction.

~ An example from Abraham-Hicks

I became a sort-of student of their work, dabbling in it here and there. I got the books for children that they wrote and listened along with my daughter. (I highly recommend them, especially the digital versions where Jerry's amazing narration brings them alive.)

We found them magical.

In fact, during those days years ago when we were steeped in listening to the books, I even woke up one day to see a boy on the sidewalk outside our house, pointing up into our pine tree. When I looked to where his finger was aimed, I saw a huge owl just sitting there, a few feet from my bedroom window and therefore from my face. If you know the books, you'll know how wild this was for my daughter and I to experience.

It was like the owl was saying to me, "So, you're not sure the Law of Attraction is real? Well, do I look real to you?"

Like I said, magical. [Side note #2: "magical" is one of my favourite words and I love inviting as much magic into my life as possible.]

Yet ... as much as I felt like there was something to this LOA thing (Law of Attraction, for those in the know), I couldn't really make use of it. I couldn't really get the hang of getting it to work for me.

To just feel good, no matter what is happening in our lives, is how I could sum up Abraham's teaching on how to get our lives to look like how we want them to look. They often say, "Think thoughts that feel good."

Don't focus on what is if you don't like it, turn instead and focus on what you are excited about creating and let that be what is real for you. Be a deliberate creator, not just creating out of default by reacting to your circumstances.

It sounds simple enough but I encountered a slight problem ... pesky, stressful thoughts coming in, incessantly, at light speed. This, it turns out, happens in all minds, not just mine.

Yeesh. Feel good no matter what the circumstances just seemed an impossible ask.

Not be bothered by the things I want to change in my life? Nope, tried, can't do it. If I wasn't bothered, then they wouldn't be things I would want to change ... by definition!

Fast forward some years later when I had been doing The Work of Byron Katie for a few years. A light went on at one point, and I understood EXACTLY how to feel good ala Abraham's directive. The missing piece of the Law of Attraction puzzle.

In the words of Taylor Swift [side note #3: my daughter is a huge fan and this forms the majority of my music exposure ... I'm going to make her proud by quoting TS] ... Are you ready for it??

This process of self-inquiry which = 1) welcoming in the stressful thoughts and 2) questioning them ... is a simple way to move from stressful thinking to "thinking thoughts that feel good."


Just like that.

HOWEVER ... lest you think I'm blowing smoke, let me explain:

Katie has always referred to The Work as a "simple process" ... but don't confuse that with easy. As she says, she doesn't call it The Work for nothing.

Yet, to be clear, it is so SO doable. For any of us.

Letting those stressful thoughts out to see the light of day, instead of our de facto go-to which is to try to suppress unwanted feelings and thoughts. (You may have noticed this doesn't work -- they show up anyway, usually louder, to get our attention.)

And then noticing the reality -- not some fantasy wished-up-but-not-possible-world, but the actual reality of life and ourselves -- outside of what we have been believing which is always kind.

Kinder than kind.


When I'm in question 4 (there are a total of 4 questions) -- Who would you be without the thought? -- TA-DA! -- there it is: feeling good. It feels like calm, like peace, like self-love, like myself in the truest, fullest sense. Me, without my stressful thoughts. It is profound every time despite my encountering this awareness countless times now.

And THEN ... what seemed impossible becomes not just possible but actually just normal. This is what it's like to see clearly, I've discovered.

Katie called her first book Loving What Is. She says so much in just these three short words.

One clue embedded within the title is the very same thing Abraham says ... love what is in front of you. Why? Because, well, for one, this is the truth of who we are. We are lovers of what is.

And for two, because opposing reality hurts. "But only 100% of the time," says Katie. (Ha, I love this.)

And for three, everything we want -- all the fun stuff like the great job, lots of money, the great relationship, thriving health -- is on the other side of feeling good ... but of course it doesn't even matter at that point because the reason we wanted those things in the first place was to feel good!

You see how this goes.

So if you have tried unsuccessfully to apply the Law of Attraction to your life, you might want to check out The Work.

If there's a condition in your life currently that you're finding impossible to either feel good about or turn your attention away from, then The Work will take you to a place of seeing it with new eyes that will bring you calm with understanding.

You can relax into a place of contentment within yourself. You can love what is. You can feel good.

Or, if I've piqued your interest in either the Law of Attraction or The Work to support you in your big vision for your life, then you, too, might want to check them out. They're real and they work.

Take a look at my two in-depth ways to work together that will get you well on your way to finally moving past the things that you feel are hindering you, to allowing the things you want to come into your experience.

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