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Living Out Loud

An 8-week transformative program to find your true self, overcome self-doubt, and live the life you've imagined 

Samhaim to Solstice | November 1st - December 22nd, 2023
"Life isn't here to make you happy; it's here to make you conscious."

~Eckhart Tolle

Have you spent your life striving & accomplishingputting a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed?

Have you sought deep meaning throughout your life along with an inner calling to contribute to the world?

And are you feeling a little burnt out by it all?

Are you longing for a little more clarity, for life to get easier, and to be free from fear so you can step into a more expansive life?

Are you ready to hear your own
inner wise self?

You're not alone in this. We're all trying to figure it out.
You can learn to let life support you.

You've struggled to prove to yourself that you're worthy and to feel that you are enough.

You have accomplished some pretty amazing things and yet you still feel like an imposter. 

You fight to keep your stress and anxiety at bay, sure that failure is just around the corner.

You hold a very high bar for yourself ...

And you are overwhelmed a lot of the time.

You have a high capacity to handle a lot but life has been ... a lot.

Despite all of your effort and striving, things don't seem to be getting any easier.

In fact, they've gotten harder. 

You've been reading and studying, trying to figure it all out. And while you've learned a bunch and had amazing insights, a real shift in your life experience hasn't happened. 

You want life to be easier, more fulfilling ... you want to realize the long-standing dreams you've had for yourself.

What's missing? You don't understand it ...
Image by Christopher Moreno-Stokoe
Image by Greg Rakozy
These are all symptoms of trying to live from the intellect. Try as you might, you can't find clarity. You're confused and feel stuck trying to logic them through.

And you feel you have to do it on your own.

The shift you are looking for is to live from the heart.

It's another way of saying being able to follow your intuition, letting Life or the Divine guide you. 

To do this, you need to unlearn everything you're believing that isn't true. And let those beliefs lead you through the portal to your Inner Being, your Secret Self ... who you really are. A being of consciousness. 
You've been trying to follow the ego-led model of achievement and success as individualized and outwardly focused.

But your heart knows otherwise and continues to call to you to transcend this false-self and start living instead from an expanded state of consciousness, where you're in conversation with all-that-is.

It's a radical re-aligning of who you think you are and how you experience life.

It's what we're here to do, so if you're ready, let's go!
Image by Noah Silliman
Image 2023-09-07 at 7.54 PM.jpg
Self-inquiry is the most practical, straight-forward, no-fooling tool I know of if you really want to transform your life. It's not a magic pill. We need to Work it. "I don't call it The Work for nothing," says Katie. However, it's also true that, "If you're in a hurry, this is the shortcut" (Katie).

This is the beauty of joining in a group: we do each other's Work. "There are no new stressful thoughts," Katie points out.

It works with the mind to understand where we've formed conclusions that are just plain false but are running our lives completely.

Byron Katie points out that her particular method of inquiry that she calls The Work is not for everybody, there is one requirement: an open mind. Beyond that, we all have equal wisdom -- it's who we are, as a matter of fact -- so if you want to get real, if you really want to know what is true, then you can do this Work. "Do it for the love of truth," says Katie.
We'll meet Wednesdays on Zoom from 1-2pm EST (NYC)/10-11am PST (LA)/7-8pm (Geneva)
(with the exception of the final week when we'll meet on Friday, December 22nd for winter solstice).
Sessions will always be recorded and sent to you on the same day if you can't be there live.
This is what you can expect:
  • I will give you tailored prompts, exercises and activities each week to uncover your subconscious beliefs, and then we'll do inquiry on them together.
  • You never have to share in the group, only as you feel comfortable. This will be a hugely safe space where we agree to keep to the privacy of the group. 
  • In addition to our weekly group session, you will have the option of partnering with one another as a chance to deepen your awareness through self-inquiry. This is optional from week to week in order to accommodate your changing schedules. There is no required 'homework' in addition to this.
  • I will work 1-on-1 with each of you at least once over the course of the 3 months; if you choose to do The Work in the group then you will receive my facilitation more often. 
You will have the chance to explore:
  • fear: we all have it ... we usually call it "stress" because that makes it less scary, but let's bring it out of the dark and take a look. You'll see it in a different light
  • shame: any past 'mistakes' you're having trouble letting go of that are preventing you from moving forward
  • roles that you are questioning or struggling with, such as motherhood, romantic partnership or career/job choice
  • hidden or suppressed dreams for your life that you have given up on or come to believe aren't possible for you
  • any beliefs that are holding you back from living out loud, which is the expression I use to describe living as our truest selves, unapologetically & confidently, as a gift to the world
Like you, I suspect, I have read voraciously over the years in search of life's secrets and I have collected several books and passages that I will share with you over the course of the 3 months.
My intention for this time together is to set you up very well for a winter of quiet contemplation and contentment where you can continue to expand and to deepen, to grow your capacity for self-love, for a quiet mind and for being in conversation with life, allowing it to guide and support you.
I'm really looking forward to connecting with and holding the space for a group of open-hearted women who are ready to step into a new self-relationship at this time of our lives ... wanting to realize the full extent of your beautiful self and expand into a more co-creative relationship with life.
If this calls to you, let's walk this path all together. If you have any questions, reach out to me at There's a whole lot of expanded awareness, beauty & love waiting for us all. 
with my love, Kathryn

To sign up, choose from one of three payment options, as fits your financial situation:

(all prices in Canadian ... eg. $300 Cdn is roughly $220 USD)

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