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Young Adult Workshop:
Learn the emotional intelligence (EQ) technique of self-inquiry (The Work of Byron Katie)

Date: Friday October 13th on Zoom 

Time: 2-3
pm (I'm packing a lot into this hour to keep you on Zoom as little as possible!)

Cost: $25 Cdn                        

Length: 1 hour + Q&A (it will be recorded for you if you can't attend live or have to leave early)

(or by e-transfer to

Learn the most important ways you can support your mental-emotional health so you can work with depression, anxiety, or any other struggle you are having. 

You will leave this workshop with:

  • a clear understanding of the thought/belief - emotion equation

  • a practical tool (self-inquiry) to use on a daily basis to find clarity and relief

  • an example of the tool in action

  • suggestions for reading & how to continue your learning 

My PhD dissertation focused on mental-emotional health in education -- I even wrote a book on it (click the Awake book icon on the Self-Inquiry / Home page)! Since then I have designed and taught over ten courses for teachers-to-be at the university level.


There is nothing I am more passionate about than supporting child and youth mental health.


In fact, I lobbied for getting the mental health courses onto the Bachelor of Education curriculum in 2016 because I knew how important this information was for university students (and eventual teachers) to have.

So I'd like to bring a distillation of this information now to you because I know a powerful tool that is such a game-changer for helping us understand the mind and emotions. 

One hour isn't very long, but it's long enough for me to give you a solid introduction and overview of:

  • how the mind creates our emotions

  • what to do with stressful thoughts (& emotions) since there's no "off switch" for our thinking

  • how to enter the present moment

  • the difference between thinking and meditating


I'd love to support you so I really hope you'll join me!

with love,


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